A few dates over summer…

The Kids is going on a tour, mostly of the north of England! And the Midlands. And London of course.

Here’s a photo of the bridge the train crosses over the Tyne…though really, it’s the view from the train on the bridge that I love.

And some dates. Hope to see you somewhere, sometime…

Wed 4th May – Writing on the Wall Festival, Liverpool

Sat 6th May – Newcastle Poetry Festival, Newcastle

Sat 14th May — Poets and Players, Manchester

Thurs 19th May – WORD, Leicester

Sun 22nd May – Museum of London Docklands

Wed 22nd June – China Exchange, Soho

Fri 24th June – Tunbridge Wells Festival

Sat 25th June – Writers Mosaic, Bradford

Sat 2nd July – Marxism Festival, London

Sun 17th July – Skylines Festival, Coventry

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